Originalshipping is [love]

Warning:this blog contains yaoi/boy love [boyxboy]

This is a blog dedicated to GreenxRed [and some RedxGreen]

Note:In this blog I will refer to Green as the boy[like in the original Japanese]

So the pairings will be Originalshipping[pokespe]
and Masarashipping[games].

I didn't draw any art,unless I state otherwise.

Art from:
Google images
other Tumblrs

Pixiv tags I use:

ポケモン -Pokemon ポケスペ -Pokemon Special

レッド -Red

グリーン -Green

グリレ -GreenxRed

レグリ -RedxGreen

ファイア -Fire

Thanks for visiting~ ♪ ♫

Apr 24

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